Living Spaces:

After a thorough on-site, personalized assessment, we will work with you to organize and declutter problems areas in your home.  We do it all!  If it has a roof over it, we can handle it.   

  • Kitchens (create efficiency with design and layout of cabinets, pantry, drawers, shelving, etc.)

  • Bedrooms (closets, drawers, shelving, toys, etc.)

  • Garages/Attics (get the car in garage, create space, create long-term storage options)

  • Laundry Room/Store Room (better utilization, make it functional, storage options are feasible and understandable)

  • Entryways (hall/entry closets, shoes, coats, hats, glove storage)

  • Craft room (design the room around your specific crafts)

  • Playroom (organization of toys, art supplies, educational material, games, electronic game systems)

  • Area decluttering

Life Turns

  • At several key points, life provides us opportunities to tackle organization head on! Sometimes these are joyous times such as the birth or adoption of a child, marriage, combining households, kids going off to college or downsizing for retirement. Other times, having a professional organizer eases the tension in an already tense situations such as long-term unexpected guests, cross country moves, disability, illness, divorce or death.

  • Calendar Coordination - take a break from the rat race!  Let us help you coordinate your life by helping you balance work, school, sports, exercise, medical/dental appointments, crafts and hobbies.  

Small Business

  • We will develop and help implement solutions for your home office or small business organization and will assist with workflow management, file design and management, calendar coordination (stay on top of those commitments!) and even financial organization.  

Meal Planning

  • We will work with you and your family to build a weekly menu the entire family enjoys.  We take into consideration dietary needs, foods likes/dislikes, and ease of preparation to ensure your weekly menu leaves you stress-free.  

  • On a weight-loss plan?  Vegetarian?  Vegan?  Someone in the family who is?  No worries!  We can build menus that often times allows you to cook one meal for your entire family by making slight modifications that respect everyone's nutritional desires. 

  • Feel like your dietary needs are too complicated due to medical reasons?  Rest easy, we'll partner with you and a nutrition specialist to make sure meals become a breeze instead of a burden.

  • We will also build and provide you with an itemized shopping list tailored specifically to mimic the flow of the store or stores you shop.   No more going back and forth from isle to isle trying to remember what you needed and where it is in the store.   

Life Turns

Is your life taking a turn?  A new baby, marriage, relocation, divorce, retirement, disability, illness?  During the joyous and not so joyous turns your life takes, we are here to help. 

Living Spaces

After a thorough personalized assessment, we will work with you to organize and declutter problem areas in your home.  We do it all!  Kitchens, pantries, bedrooms, garages, kid spaces, closets, storerooms.  If it’s under a roof, we can handle it.

Meal Planning

We will work with you to build a weekly menu with an itemized shopping list based on personalized dietary needs, such as low carb, Weight Watcher-friendly, vegetarian, vegan and low sodium meals.

Small Business

Are you ready to enhance your productivity?  We offer an amazing return on your investment whether you are looking for solutions for your home business or want to implement changes in a corporate environment.  We can help you recognize cost and time savings by working with you to streamline paper and electronic storage, implement effective filing and tracking systems, ensure your financial obligations are being tracked correctly and your commitments are a priority.