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Small Business

We will develop and help implement solutions for your home office or small business organization, and  assist with calendar coordination, financial organization, and file design and implementation.



I am a preschool teacher.  My supply closet was a den of disorganized chaos!  When Rachel Fazio came, walking into the mess began to instantly energize her! She began to visualize turning disorder into peace.  I, on the other hand felt totally overwhelmed -- and walked away.  After exactly 4 hours and 7 minutes with her expertise, my aide and I felt we could have spent the day, resting in the closet!  There was order, labeled containers that were easily accessible, and more room than we ever thought possible! It's easy to keep clean now that everything has a home.   Next I need to get her over to my house!...


-Mrs. H, PreK Teacher

Life Turns

Is your life taking a turn?  A new baby, marriage, relocation, divorce, retirement, disability, illness?  During the joyous and not so joyous turns your life takes, we are here to help. 

Living Spaces

After a thorough personalized assessment, we will work with you to organize and declutter problem areas in your home.  We do it all!  Kitchens, pantries, bedrooms, garages, kid spaces, closets, storerooms.  If it’s under a roof, we can handle it.

Meal Planning

We will work with you to build a weekly menu with an itemized shopping list based on personalized dietary needs, such as low carb, Weight Watcher-friendly, vegetarian, vegan and low sodium meals.

Small Business

Are you ready to enhance your productivity?  We offer an amazing return on your investment whether you are looking for solutions for your home business or want to implement changes in a corporate environment.  We can help you recognize cost and time savings by working with you to streamline paper and electronic storage, implement effective filing and tracking systems, ensure your financial obligations are being tracked correctly and your commitments are a priority.