Clutter-free Kitchen

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Clutter-free Kitchen

Even the largest kitchens can feel small with over-crowded cabinets and countertops.  Jan was looking to reduce her kitchen clutter and maximize space utilization in her refrigerator, pantry and cabinets while eliminating excess cost from unnecessary food waste.  


We were excited to work with Jan on her kitchen.  Over time, she had been left with the feeling that her kitchen was closing in on her and making it difficult to find space to prepare food and even the food itself.  Many regularly used products and appliances had spilled onto the countertops.   We worked with Jan to rid her cabinets of expired food, reworked placement within the cabinets and got unnecessary countertop items back to a better "home."



Our lovely client, Jan, is very visual and I loved how she stored many things in her pantry in glass jars. Not only did it make her food very easy to see but  the display was downright beautiful and she could be confident no unwanted critters made their way into her sesame seeds or lentils. 





Last but certainly not least, when organizing a kitchen, don't forget about the refrigerator. Most of the food wasted in the kitchen comes from expired and spoiled food. If you can't see the back of your fridge or freezer, you could be losing money!  

Studies have shown that an average family of four wastes a shocking amount of food.  Most families will waste approximately a third of what is purchased and if an average family spends $200 a week in groceries, that's over THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS in wasted food annually.  Yes, over $3,000!


Here is what Jan had to say about us:


Thank you, Rachel!!  Rachel, from Turning Leaf Talent, came to our house and worked with us over several days on two main projects.  First, she reorganized my kitchen, which I thought would never have enough space for all the things I needed.  I had crammed stuff into every nook and cranny, and was amazed at the way she created a sensible, organized working kitchen.  She began by organizing the refrigerator and freezer, something that never even occurred to me.  She truly worked with me every step of the way, taking the time to get things exactly right.  When she was finished, I couldn't believe it!  Not only was there plenty of room for everything, but it looked  pretty behind the cabinet doors.  This was a project I have been putting off for a long time, and it feels wonderful to finally have this done, and done right!

Second, Rachel also is an excellent business consultant.  My husband works out of our home, and Rachel provided consulting on how to organize, prioritize, execute and manage his workflow, in addition to organizing a busy work schedule.  He said, "Rachel gave me tangible ways I can become more efficient in managing time, paperwork and scheduling.  I've already begun putting into practice the principles of office management that she shared, and they are already bringing me results."

We are both so happy we contacted Turning Leaf Talent for help!  Rachel is efficient, friendly, funny, focused, smart, and knows her stuff!  We felt the service she provided went far above and beyond what she charged, so Rachel's time was an incredible value.  We very highly recommend Rachel and Turning Leaf Talent for every aspect of organization!


Jan & Bill 



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