Dream Dressing Room

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Dream Dressing Room

Welcome to Sarah's dream dressing room!  Sarah is one lucky high school senior who went from a crazy cramped 4 ft closet to an 11x9ft dream dressing room.   And boy, did we have a blast working on this project!  In fact, we had such a good time and were so excited to get started we didn't get traditional "before" pictures.  We're ok with it though - we think the after pictures say quite enough!

Sarah has a fairly unique living situation where she occupies a two room suite within the family's home.  The suite opens to her living/study room which is large enough to house her desk, piano, lounge and TV area and an enormous collection of books.  The other room is a quiet and charming bedroom with vaulted dormers and a beautiful view.  Sounds perfect, right?  It was, almost.  The only closet in this two-room suite was a cramped 4ft wide all-clothing-inclusive option.

Luckily Sarah was given the opportunity to convert the adjacent bedroom into a 11x9ft dream dressing room.  To create more storage space, we installed elfa closet product along a section of one wall.  This allowed for a significant amount of added drawer, shelf and, quite obviously, shoe space.  (elfa is available at The Container Store - but don't go alone, TLO gets a 20% discount!)


An existing closet space within Sarah's dressing room allowed additional storage of her "short-hang" items and also left room for an important boot collection. The boots are hung by tension hangers which also help boots maintain shape.

Sarah had a beautiful wardrobe and we were able to use this sentimental piece of furniture to house all of her "long-hang" items.

This closet is in her living/study space but was originally the only closet available to store all of her clothing. Everything you see hanging in all of these pictures was once ...crowded into this 4ft closet. We were impressed with that feat too. Now she is able to use this closet as a true coat closet! The bins store her hats, gloves and scarves. The shelves store her travel bags and accessories.

We absolutely loved working with Sarah.  Without question, she certainly made room for her life!  

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