An "Intuitive" Closet!

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An "Intuitive" Closet!

When Sue contacted Rachel at Turning Leaf Organizing, she was ready for a change!  Her closet had become an ever-present den of disaster due to a lack of organizational structure to support her busy travel schedule.  See how her closet made an amazing transition in only three sessions with TLO organizers!

Many people hardly have this kind of space in their entire closet much less on a single wall.  And space was a luxury this client had a lot of!  However, quite a few of these items had stayed too long, were too big and a subtle reminder of less happier days.  Who needs that reminder every single day?  And while the milk cartons above were a good idea in theory, they offered little functional day to day support.  If you pulled one article of clothing they all came down.  Who has time to refold several items when you are in a hurry?  So everything would get thrown back up, in no particular order.  Finally the top shelf was almost useless as it was too high to reach.



This section of the closet needed a complete overhaul.  Travel supplies were overflowing in bins.  Long-term storage items were taking premium shelf space.  Belts were blocking access to regularly used items.  But the bigger problem was the scarves.  Yeah, they're there.  Bottom shelf, behind the belts, under the tote bags...did I mention these scarves were extremely important to this client!  When she finally found the right one, what do you think the chances were that it might have been too wrinkled to use?

Woot, woot!  This is one of my favorite "after" pictures.  Remember the picture of the belts, overflowing travel supply bins and the scarves.  An overhaul was exactly what this space got!  We lowered shelving to a manageable level, added 10 shoe racks, hung the belts where they aren’t' blocking anything and put her suitcases and other travel bags where she could see exactly what she had and select the perfect size for the length of trip she was about to take.  But did you catch my favorite change?  Yep, those scarves.  Instead of hiding in storage bins, behind belts and under totes, they are now hanging each on its individual hanger organized by color.  She called me "the closet whisperer."  I can handle that.   


The single biggest problem this client had was keeping up with the packing and unpacking related to her regular travel.  She needed an immediate and sustainable solution.  We gave her a "travel zone."  With drawers on one side, shelving on the other and a flat surface, our client could put her suitcase on top and simple walk around to gather whatever supplies she needed for a particular duration or location.  Each drawer had a dedicated category such as "hair" (shampoo, conditioner, product, brushes, clips, etc.), "body" (soap, lotions, razors, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc), "Make-up" and so on.  Included in these drawers were the empty bags she usually used to pack.  Shelving makes up the other side of the "travel zone."  Bins were individually labeled eliminating the guessing game with packing and unpacking.  Finding things like neck pillows, suitcase tags, money pouches or special accessories for European travel was a snap! Shortly after completion, she took her first trip and I was thrilled to hear instead of taking days to pack, she did it in about 15 minutes. 

When all was said and done, this is what the client had to say about us.  

"I can't say enough wonderful things about Rachel and her team! I had a closet that was overwhelming and in chaos from my frequent business trips. Rachel interviewed me, asked the right questions, followed her intuition and completely understood and met my needs - beyond my wildest expectations! I truly feel that she "got" me and created a closet and packing system unique to my situation. It has really been transformational on many levels to work with Rachel. Now we're doing my daughter's closet and all the other spaces in our home that need her magic touch. I can't recommend her highly enough!"

Yeah, we were pretty humbled!

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